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Cecilia Chung

Cecilia Chung is known for being a social rights leader in the areas of HIV/AIDS awareness, transgender women, and LGBT equality. She, herself, is transgender and an immigrant from Hong…
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What a weekend

This past weekend was President’s Day weekend so we had Monday off. Sunday (2/20) and Monday (2/21) were probably the most memorable moments of my life: I got to see…
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Uber Eats

We use Uber Eats when we don’t feel like cooking or if we don’t have time to make food. After all, the food is just a tap away on your…
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Why I Love Instacart

This blog is not sponsored by Instacart. I wish though.  At the beginning of the semester, my friends and I, along with their roommates, agreed to share an Instacart account.…
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