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Asian American Center

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The AAC is a resource for the NU community to provide space and to support the experiences of our Asian American students. Our overall agenda is to increase the visibility of the Asian American community, and to spearhead efforts to create additional awareness of Asian American experiences and concerns, both here and beyond the university.
Our three-story brownstone building located at 109 Hemenway Street and the AAC Annex in Ell Hall 405 are the gathering place for many students. We host numerous events over the course of the semester as well as provide space for students to host student organization events, study, or just hang out!

Student Programs

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Asian American Heritage Month

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Asian American Students in Action

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Northeastern University Growth and Opportunities for Asian American Leaders

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Pan Asian American Council

AAC Pride Logo

The Pan Asian American Queer Alliance

AAC Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Upcoming Events

Aac Tea Lounge
First Year Fridays 2023
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Bias Incident?

If you have been the subject of or a witness to a bias incident, please complete and submit the Bias Incident Report Form to the appropriate office.