Asian American Students in Action

AASIA is a Mentorship Program for the Asian American community.

What attracts many students to become part of the program, both as mentors and mentees, is the opportunity to build lasting relationships while learning about the issues that affect the Asian American community. Each first year or transfer student will be paired with an upperclass mentor who can guide them through their transition into college life and help them make the most of their Northeastern experience. Mentees will find a tight knit community among all the students in the program. First years and transfers will also benefit by having the opportunity to gain leadership skills through AASIA activities as well as participating in co-curricular activities such as student organizations, fraternities and sororities, or athletic teams.

AASIA mentors are knowledgeable about the challenges of navigating the intricacies of college life through their own experiences. The mentors provide individualized support and guidance catered to the mentee to reach various goals that the mentee has set for himself or herself during their transition to Northeastern University. The AASIA program will also provide knowledge and resources about the support services on campus, the Asian American community, and the local Boston community.

Participants of AASIA will also be a part of the entire community of mentors and mentees. There will be monthly meetings, outings, and activity planning which will give mentees the opportunity to develop connections with all the other mentors and mentees in the program. The program seeks to enhance the individual relationship with the mentor through creating a collective group experience.

Mentees will find out about the different student organizations and campus resources available so they can increase their involvement and become leaders at Northeastern. Through enjoyable and stimulating events and exercises, students will be exposed to the skills necessary in becoming a leader. AASIA continues to make an impact on the Northeastern community as many mentors and mentees move on to get involved in or hold leadership positions in various student organizations and other offices on campus.

A unique component of the AASIA mentoring program is that it strives to connect students with their experiences as an Asian American. Part of the program’s mission is to create dialogue among mentors and mentees about the issues affecting the Asian American community. Through various activities and discussions, we hope that the participants will gain knowledge about the collective experiences of Asian Americans and about their own social identity.


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