Krista Caasi

Krista Caasi

She, her, hers

Hello friends! My name is Krista (she/her) I’m a 4th year Health Science and Psychology major with a Songwriting minor. I’m originally from central New Jersey (which does exist) and identify as Filipino American. On campus, I’ve been involved as an EMPOWER Fellow and in NUBarkada, AASIA, and NUStage. Some of my favorite things include bubble tea, coffee shops, musical theatre, performing, BTS, and Taylor Swift. So excited to join Team 442!

Year: 4th Year
Major: Health Science and Psychology (Songwriting minor)
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Hobbies: playing guitar, singing, dancing, acting, listening to music (especially k-pop and Taylor Swift), writing songs and poetry
Favorite Thing to Do in Boston: Exploring shops and cafes! I love drinking coffee and bubble tea >u<
What made you want to be an AASIA co-chair and what are you most excited about?

AASIA was one of the first ways I got involved in the Asian American community when I started attending Northeastern. It helped give me a sense of belonging, especially during the pandemic when it was hard to connect with people. I stayed part of AASIA as a mentor and senior mentor, wanting to provide the same (or an even better) welcoming experience that my mentor and fam gave me. As I’ve grown as a student, I’ve been hoping to take on more leadership roles, and AASIA co-chair and Team 442 give me the opportunity to represent the Northeastern Asian community that accepted me. I’m most excited to plan biweekly meetings and socials with my co- and senior mentors and look forward to see what the next cohort accomplishes!

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