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Review of OliToki

I decided to order delivery from OliToki–located in Allston–and found that the food was pretty good for the price point. I bought the OliToki burrito with soy garlic chicken, the…
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Husky Hunt

My friends and I are doing the Husky Hunt. The qualifying quiz starts today at 7pm. I am ready to get zero sleep tonight and use all my brainpower. We…
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Autumn Euphoria

As the sun kisses yellow and orange hues onto the crisp green leaves, I can’t help but take slower walks on my way to class to admire the trees in…
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A Short Week Home

During Indigenous People’s weekend, I decided to go home during the weekend. On Friday, right after the only class I had for that day, my mom drove up from New…
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Poems and Short Stories

Background In my free time, I enjoy reading, drawing, and writing poetry and short stories. Unfortunately, since I’ve come to campus, I haven’t had enough time for my hobbies. Between…
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