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Moving Out

This past weekend I moved from my summer 2 dorm to my fall dorm. I never knew I had so much stuff until I had to pack, and of course…
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Biking in Boston

This summer is the first summer I’ve spent in Boston, and a fun pastime I think is enjoyable with friends is biking. Although Boston is not accessible by biking, the…
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Dumpling Daughter

Fiending for a snack in Cambridge, I tried Dumpling Daughter. I ordered their double seared Shanghainese pork buns and expected quick service – a standard bun, a piece of home.…
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Jay Chou

I really like Jay Chou’s music, especially his older songs like 稻香(Rice Field), 晴天(Sunny Day), 等你下课(Waiting for You), and 给我一首歌的时间(Give Me the Time of a Song). I highly recommend!
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Rug Tufting

Yesterday I went rug tufting at Tutuland in Allston for the very first time! I ended up making a very cute design of a cat in a dinosaur costume, though…
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Boston Weather

I’ve never lived in Boston during the summer so I did not realize how random the weather can be. I went to my class yesterday and while I was walking,…
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I spent a lot of last week watching the two seasons of Bridgerton out on Netflix and I understand the hype surrounding the show. The characters are developed thoroughly during…
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A Needed Break

I left campus for about a week and it was probably the best experience I have ever had. I felt like a child again. Having to not care about what…
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