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Small Acts of Kindness

You know those moments that make your heart skip a beat? For me, they’re the times when someone’s unexpected kindness leaves me smiling all day. From a warm “hello” on…
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Blog #9

Friendship is like a precious gem that brightens our path in life. True friends stand by our side through thick and thin, offering a listening ear when we need to…
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Sunny Days

I’m always grateful for a bright, clear day, and the ability to enjoy it. Being in college often results in an enormous amount of things to balance, from assignments for…
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Unexpected Change

Recently, someone brought up the girlfriend effect to me. I remember seeing an Instagram reel on that. Typically, it means after meeting your girlfriend, you glow up. And I can…
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Blog #9 – Gratefulness

Being grateful is something I have tried to be more consicously aware of especially ever since I came to college. I realized it’s rather easy to take advantage of things…
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One of the things that I try not to take for granted is time. Time is one of those things that you can never get back and can only lose.…
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Always Grateful

I don’t think I ever take anything for granted. I acknowledge when I am given a certain privilege, and I take advantage of the opportunity because I value it. Because…
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Temperature Check

I’m currently taking a bit of a breather since I had a stressful midterm this morning and a lot of assignments were due at the end of this week which…
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