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Ava Clifford

She, her, hers

Hi, my name is Ava (she/her)! You can probably find me running around the track in Marino, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, or walking along the Esplanade (my favorite place in Boston!). I enjoy a lot of things, but the most important things are probably reading (I am currently into dark academia books), listening to music (according to Spotify, my top genres are pop, folk/indie, and Kpop), and finding good places to eat in Boston. If you have any reading, music, or food recommendations, please send them my way!

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Hometown: Wynnewood, PA
Hobbies: Running, discovering new music on YouTube, reading (I'm really into mystery and dark academia books rn)
Favorite Thing to Do in Boston: Running along the esplanade, browsing through the book selection at the BPL
What made you want to be an AASIA co-chair and what are you most excited about?

I decided to be an AASIA co-chair because AASIA has been a fundamental part of my college experience. As someone who is biracial, I’ve always struggled to feel like I belong in certain spaces. AASIA was one of the very first clubs I joined that never made me feel like I stood out and welcomed me with open arms. I’ve been incredibly privileged to have been part of AASIA for the past two years and I’ve met so many incredible people and also learned a lot about my culture through the program. I want to continue cultivating the warm, welcoming environment AASIA has always provided me with for next year’s cohort. I am really excited to see what next year brings and work with the members of Team 442!

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