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There’s only a couple of days left until the PS5 gets released, and with the Black Friday sales, along with Cyber Monday, and the Christmas Shopping season, I’m so hyped not only to buy the console but several new games as well. These are the games that I’ve been waiting for so long to play.

PS4 Spiderman + Spiderman: Miles Morales

Becoming one of the most renown and recognizable heroes of all time is sure to be a dream for most children; That dream is realized swinging around in the best city in the world within these two games. I’ve played the original spiderman game on the original xbox and watching the current generation of consoles with their graphics is absolutely amazing. The controls look more fluid, the missions and storylines seem compelling, and it seems like an overall complete game

God of War

Starting out in the PSP era, I played the God of War series my entire childhood. It was an amazing game filled with action, but also included complex puzzles that forced you to think beyond most other games. This game takes place after Kratos has begun teaching his son the ways of survival against nature, monsters, and the gods. In Scandinavia now, Kratos has new weapons, new powers, a son, and of course, new gods to kill.

Hogwarts Legacy

I’ve always loved the Harry Potter book series as a child, and I’m sure many others have as well. But other than the notable lego games, I’ve yet to see any real amazing Harry Potter or any of the Wizarding World lore taken apart and put into a fully complete game, until the Hogwarts Legacy. This game starts out in Hogwarts, but promises a fully playable open world component as well. If this game does well, then with future DLC’s and more packs, I think it would be feasible that the entire Wizarding World will becoming to a game near you.

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