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Rice or Noodle

There is a common question that people ask? Are you a cat or dog kinda person? While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that question, I think that this is…
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I feel like this year has been moving so fast. Everyone’s busy and moving at their own pace. It’s so hard to schedule a common time for hangouts like we…
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I’m so happy to got to try a couple of new places this month. Not that any of them particularly stood out but I just like eating. Lowkey basically all…
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Spotify Playlists

I love music. Who doesn’t? It has the power to enhance or even change your mood. I’ve recently been finding ways of creating new playlists. I’ve never really made playlists…
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Husky Hunt

It’s that time of the year again! After passing the qualifying quiz, my Husky Hunt Team (Dangerous Nights Crew) is gearing up to spend 24 hours in a frantic search…
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Yesterday I went biking for leisurely purposes, which I haven’t done in a while because I am used to only bike commuting to get back and forth from campus. It…
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