Dumpling Extravaganza

No Regrets by Tiffany Yang


At the light of speed

I watch the hands knead

Imperfect circles of dough

To wrap up delicious ròu (meat)


What method do you like to do?

Using a fork to stamp the edges is taboo

Pinching the end and going around?

Mayhaps your grandmother’s way is sound


But in my hands, the filling oozes

The delicate skin tears

I find myself reciting excuses 

“I was distracted by theirs!” 

I laugh and pat the deformed dumpling 

“Every year, this experience is quite humbling”


Plop, in the pot it goes!

Let me take some photos!

Plate after plate

There is absolutely no debate

Wealth is bound to come this year

At the cost of twenty – no, thirty dumplings resting in my stomach I fear!


Happy LNY everyone!!

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