Lunar New Year at Home

This year, I went back home to Queens, NY to celebrate Lunar New Year with my family. It was, in fact, the first time I’ve spent the holiday with my family since I started college. Growing up attending New York City public schools, I was accustomed to getting the holiday off. When I found out that policy did not apply at Northeastern, it was almost a cultural shock to me. Every year I’ve been at Northeastern, Lunar New Year fell on a weekday, so I could not afford to take the 4-hour Amtrak ride home and back. But this year things were different and I was able to go home finally!

As a child of divorce, my first difficult decision was which side to spend New Year’s Eve dinner with. After long deliberations, I chose to attend dinner on my dad’s side and I reunited with members of my step-family whom I haven’t seen since I was in high school such as my step-grandparents. They both said I grew taller, even though I haven’t grown in 10 years. We went out to Congee Village in Flushing to eat and ordered a bunch of my favorite food (honey walnut shrimp, king crab fried rice, jellyfish, etc.). However, everyone else had the same idea that night, so we waited a while before we were seated. After I got home, I made sure to wash my hair before the New Year. I want to hold onto as much luck as I can.

On actual New Year’s Day, I went to my waipo‘s house and ate dinner with my mom’s side of the family. My grandparents cooked a lot of food and there were many, many leftovers. I once told them that I loved peking duck and now they make it every time I visit.

Spending Lunar New Year at home this year was a blessing. I didn’t realize how much I missed connecting with my culture and being with my family for the holidays. Plus, I got a bunch of red envelopes!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!


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