Sizzle Plop Munch

I occasionally go to my friends’ dorms or apartments to eat and something about eating a home-cooked meal makes me so happy. I’m living in a dorm without a kitchen so I’m required to have a meal plan, which has its pros and cons. It’s convenient when I want a quick fix, but it’s such a hassle to trek all the way to IV or Steast.

Back at home, I would cook pretty often, sometimes because my mom was lazy and asked me, and other times because I wanted to have fun. Cooking and baking were my way to show care for my family and friends and they were my forms of entertainment. I was inspired by all the cooking TikToks I watched that I started making my own food videos! (support me @stanbanans)

I was at my friend’s apartment last night making food and the sound of eggs and chicken sizzling on the stainless steel pan was so comforting. I’m grateful every time I’m invited to cook or eat because it makes my college experience feel so much more like home.

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