My apartment is broken

I just moved into a new apartment on mission hill. As a second year, this is great since I don’t have to live on campus in the cramped forced doubles. It is newly renovated and has all new appliances, new refrigerator, new wiring, new microwave, new dishwasher. Turns out only 1 of the 4 worked.

When I moved in, the first thing I noticed was that the fridge does not work. There is power supplied to it and the lights turn on, but it does not get cold. I have contacted my management company and they have yet to fixed, although it is more of a Home Depot issue.

When I bought Wi-Fi, I was told Verizon is allowed, the Verizon workers told me that there is incorrect wiring to our apartment, so I didn’t have Wi-Fi for a week.

When I tried my dish washer for the first time in my life, it overflooded with soap.

The microwave is great.

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