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Happy almost Valentine’s Day! What do you have planned for this week?

I don’t really have much planned- I was hoping to have a get together with my friends or go out over the weekend, but my plans are pretty much tentative. Unfortunately, I have not one but TWO exams this week. I have one on Monday, Valentine’s Day morning, and then another on Wednesday. So, I should probably spend this weekend preparing for those exams.

Throughout the week though, I did some other stuff. On Thursday, I went to the Barkada GM which was Valentine’s Day themed, and we talked about the LGBT community in the Philippines, marriage traditions, and watched a Valentine’s Day themed advertisement for Jollibee. Right before the GM, I got kind of bored and decided to do my nails. They’re supposed to be Valentine’s Themed, with a dark red French tip and I put some red and pink gems on too! They’re messy, but they look fine from afar so that’s okay. Another thing we did in the GM is that we made little notes for each other! Everyone had a paper bag and put it in the front of the room, and we made little notes to put in each other’s bags, and it felt like elementary school all over again, when everyone got a Valentine Day card. It was really cute, and instead of having pre-made Valentines, we got to personalize our own notes.

Hopefully this weekend, I can spend some time with friends and maybe go out and have fun! Hopefully I can also prepare for my exams. Good luck to anyone else who might be taking exams, and happy almost Valentine’s Day!

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