Finding my Skin Undertone

All my life, I thought I had warm undertones. In the foundation sections, I would always look for the ‘W’, indicating “Warm”, and always use orangey brown bronzers. I had always felt that makeup makes me look a bit awkward, but little did I know, it was an undertone issue. After finding out that I have cool undertones, I completely changed my makeup; from my foundation to blush. All of it. Luckily, it was just in time for black friday and cyber monday, so I was able to get discounts, but I did have to spend quite a bit of money this past couple of weeks.

How did I find out that I am cool toned, you ask? I have a simple trick for you! Take a look at your wrist; palm facing up. If the color of your veins are blue and purple, you are cool toned. If it is green, you are warm. If you have a combination of both, you are neutral!

Skin Undertone

You can’t tell if your veins are blue or green? (I couldn’t tell at first) Take gold-toned jewelry and silver-toned jewelry and take it close to your skin. If you look better in silver-toned jewelry, you are cool toned. If you look better in gold-toned jewelry, you are warm toned. If you look equally good in both, you are neutral.

I honestly wished I had known my undertone sooner, so I wouldn’t have spent that much money on makeup that doesn’t even suit me. Just keep in mind that just because you are cool toned or warm toned does not mean you cannot wear colors in the opposite tone. You do you! If you are cool toned and feel great in orange, knock yourself out!

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