Favorite Reddit Subreddits

So before we get into it, I figured we should probably have some very basic and brief background information into Reddit. So Reddit is a social media platform that’s incredibly different from every other, it’s a collection of interests, hobbies, groups etc all wrapped together and if you are also interested in that said hobby, then you have the eligibility to join. These groups are called subreddits, and these can range from subreddits about investing, to gaming, to cars, to quite literally anything.

  1. TodayILearned: This is a subreddit about people who may have learned an interesting fact or a cool story or something that they just realized. It’s a goldmine of interesting information and often the things that they learned that day may be the day that you learned a new thing as well.
  2. Showerthoughts.: Have you ever had a random realization while in the shower, or doing the dishes, or doing a completely mundane task, like a come to jesus moment? If so, and you would like to share it, or hear other people’s random thoughts, this is the subreddit.
  3. IAmA : This is a little bit more formal than the others, but the users who post to this subreddit introduce themselves, give a bit of background information into what they do, whether it’s being the President of the United States(yes, Barack Obama did actually join), or Bill Gates, veterans, authors, etc. From all walks to life, these people introduce themselves and then you have the ability to do a q and a with them.
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