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This week, I went to Tora Ramen with my friend! Tora Ramen is a small corner restaurant in Chinatown that specializes in Ramen. My friend ordered the Cheesy Chashu Don, which had cheese, pork, and rice. It comes in mini portions, as well a larger portion. They have a pretty small range for ramen- they had Shiro (original Tonkotsu Ramen), Aka (Spicy Miso Ramen), Kuro (Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen), Shoyu (Wadashi Broth), and Miso (Vegetarian Miso Broth). All the selections were pretty good, but I ended up going for the Aka, which had pork, scallions, corn, and noodles! Then afterwards, we went to Sakura Sunakku, where my friend and I went to get a crepe! We got a Strawberry Matcha crepe, which had matcha ice cream, strawberries, Oreos, and chocolate pocky. It was big enough that we just split it. Afterwards, we went to Teazzi where they had cute cakes and other bakery goods! We just got boba since it was pretty cheap there. It was $3.50 for a fruit smoothie or other slushies or milk tea, then 0.50 for boba, and they had two other jelly options. So in the end, we went to a few places! I probably spent less than $30 that night, but also got dessert, boba, and dinner! I would recommend these places, but also make sure to bring cash (all of these places were cash only!)

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