Cough Cough Achoo

I’ve been sick this past week and it really sucked. I constantly felt sluggish and sleepy, and the skin on my nose became really sensitive from blowing my nose so much. Many people in my classes and on campus, in general, have been getting sick and I feel that everyone has their own remedies for sicknesses.

I think the best cure for a cold is just to sleep and eat a lot, which I have not done. If I were at home, my mom would probably make me some tea and I would take some kind of Chinese medicine. Other people may take shots of NyQuil or rinse their sinuses. One friend told me that her secret to recovering from sickness is not to shower, which didn’t sound right to me. Everyone has their own traditions when sick and although some sound absurd, I won’t knock it til I try it.

To those who are sick, take care of yourself and feel better!


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