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This summer is the first summer I’ve spent in Boston, and a fun pastime I think is enjoyable with friends is biking. Although Boston is not accessible by biking, the city has certainly tried to improve its efforts by making its streets more biker-friendly and adding more bike lanes.

During the summer, you can often see people biking on the streets, especially with Blue Bikes. What’s funny is that before this year, I never really rode bikes. I’m from New York City, and in the city, we have CitiBikes, which is the equivalent of Boston’s Blue Bikes. I always thought biking in the streets was scary in New York, and I still think it’s scary now but I think biking at night and in less crowded streets has mitigated some of that fear.

With my friends, I’ve biked along the Esplanade and went to Cambridge, Seaport, Somerville, and probably more places that I can’t list off the top of my head. But with the free biking on Mondays throughout August, and just with the Blue Bikes in general, I’d like to say thank you to Blue Bikes for making my summer fun!

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