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“Spring has sprung”

These words always rang in my head throughout childhood and for good reason! Growing up in Washingtonville, NY, spring has always been something that I loved experiencing. The color coming back to the trees, the sun setting later, and the happiness coming back to everyone’s faces after a long cold winter. Spring breathes new life into everything and it’s such a great season because of it; my favorite season to be exact. Back at home, I enjoyed going on bike rides around my neighborhood, going on picnics in different scenic areas, and just soaking in the beautiful weather. Not too hot and not too cold — the perfect sweater weather.

Here in Boston, I love doing much of the same. Here are some of my top recommendations for enjoying spring to the fullest!

  1. Going on Blue Bikes along the Charles river at sunset! There are lots of blue bikes along the route there so choose one and get peddling!!
  2. Explore restaurants in the North End with friends! Nothing is better when it’s getting warmer than a nice bowl of pasta and getting cannolis there while eating outside. The North End has such an abundant amount of Italian restaurants and, in general, good places to eat there!
  3. Have a picnic with friends in the Boston Public Garden or Boston Commons or even on Centennial! A great way to spend a Saturday is going to Trader Joes or Whole Foods and getting fruit and cheeses, and crackers, then walking or taking the T to the Gardens or Commons, then sitting and listening to music and enjoying food with friends. Enjoy a nice charcuterie board in the beautiful weather.
  4. Do work outside if possible! Being outside and being productive simultaneously is such a great way to get motivated and enjoy the day a little more. Highly suggest it.
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