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This spring break was the first spring break of my 4-year college experience. I went to San Francisco in California. It was my first time in California but 2nd time on the west coast. Landing and coming out of the airport, I already knew it was going to be an awesome trip as the weather was perfect. It wasn’t blazing hot and it was already 100x better than the bipolar weather in the northeast.

I’m a big nature guy. One of the first places that we visited was Muir Woods. A shuttle was needed to get to the park and the ride there was a little sketchy with tons of windy roads and tight close calls with the edge and rock walls. Muir Woods was full of redwoods. Redwood trees were something that I always wanted to experience seeing in real life. The vast size of them absolutely stunned me. Looking straight up, I found myself having to take breaks to rest my neck. I was in awe just being in the presence of these creatures that are close to 1000 years old. The hike around the park was fairly easy but I took it slow to really take in everything around me. I also saw a banana slug that was on the trail. I used a stick to move it to the side to prevent the little guy from being stepped on.

One day we drove to Big Sur. Big Sur is this stretch of the California coastline that is mountainous with very nice views and beaches. There’s a tunnel that had to be driven through to get there and once you’re out of this tunnel, you see the great Pacific Ocean view hit you, and it’s just awesome. The water there was so clear but absolutely freezing. I dipped my feet in and my ankles started to hurt from being in the water.

The food there was TASTY.

The last day before we left we did a bonfire on the beach at night. It was pretty cool as it was dark and when you look into the distance, you see patches of light where other people have fires going on too. We made s’mores, played games, and had a fun time. At one point I started to go towards the water as it got darker and darker the further I go towards the ocean. I didn’t expect myself to feel what I felt but I couldn’t bring myself to step into the water. There was something about the waves roaring at me and the complete darkness that made me acknowledge the unknown and head back to the comfort of the fire.

One of my favorite things to do is to go on walks. I went on many walks in SF. On one of my walks, I saw these two guys with a parrot on a leash on one of the guy’s shoulders. I knew I had to meet it so I asked if I could pet his parrot. I held my hand out and the parrot hops on my hand. It’s the random experiences like this that made my spring break pretty cool.

All in all, my spring break trip to SF was perfect and I definitely see myself going back in the future.

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