Ok, Now What?

Joe Biden has secured the election victory with currently 290 electoral votes and close to half a dozen million more votes. But now that we’ve decided the election, what comes next, what are the challenges that he must face on day 1, or in the first 100 days? On his website, Joe Biden has listed out various plans on everything that he is currently trying to accomplish. https://joebiden.com/joes-vision/ On there, there is a quite comprehensive list of many of the major issues along with quite a few minor ones as well. From that massive compendium, I’ve composed a list of three things that I believe he must jump on as soon as possible.


With the number of cases continuing to pile up, and the US breaking its own records day after day, this is something that he must get on as soon as possible. It seems like an almost impossible task with the holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, coming up and families all gather. Luckily, there have been vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and I’m sure that there will continue to be more companies releasing vaccines as well. It must be the first priority of our new president to figure out a good distribution system to ensure that everyone from the inner cities to the far flung countrysides has enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone.

Global Warming

If Covid is a quick immediate threat that requires a bandage, Global Warming is the bullet hole that we’ve ignored for decades. With our current president’s attack on the UN, the Paris Treaty, willful participation in looser regulations, Biden has to step up and get us back on track to reversing these changes. He needs to get us back into the Climate Accords, and establish the US as a force and a leader of stopping Global Warming. Second, he needs to tighten up governmental regulations in order to lower the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Finally, I’d like to see him support nuclear energy along with solar, wind, and water energy. These are all renewable energy sources that would provide us clean energy, but jobs as well.


Speaking of jobs, the economy is in a complete mess. Unemployment has risen, jobs have been disappearing like crazy, no one has any spending money and as a result, the companies aren’t making any money. While the appearance of stability has arrived both within the stock market and speeches the president is giving on this topic, if you look closer at the major companies earnings per share as well as their forecasted earnings, it is down almost across the board. This one doesn’t have an easy solution, Biden must continually work at this problem probably for many years.

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