My November Playlist

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Somehow we’re more than halfway through November, so sharing a chaotic mix of my recent rotation to get through pre-holiday workload stress:

  • Nagisa – imase
  • In My Room (ft. Guitarricadelafuente) – Troye Sivan
  • Into the Unknown – Juliana Chahayed
  • Tonka – Shankz
  • The Great Pumpkin Waltz – David Benoit
  • Jikanga Nai – Kirinji
  • Hana – Fuji Kaze
  • Somewhere in Time – John Barry
  • Honey – L’Arc-en-Ciel
  • Bygone Days – Joe Hisaishi & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Cutie – COIN
  • Point Zero (Live Arrange Version) – Yuki Kajura
  • Rydeen – Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • Fashion – Pilt Chamberlain

Let me know if you like any of these songs/artists, I love chatting and expanding my music taste!

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