My Faves

There are few celebrities that I adore, but when I become a fan, I go all out.


My first ever celebrity obsession is the rapper Aminé from Portland, Oregon. He is known for his songs “Caroline,” “Spice Girl,” and “Reel It In.” In high school, I would go to “Zero Band” (my school was a little hoity-toity by calling class periods “bands”), which was just a time before school officially started to complete labs for science classes. During those early morning hours, I would sit in the stairwell with my friend and listen to Aminé songs together. Eventually, in the spring of my sophomore year, we went to a Gov Ball After Dark concert he performed at. It was life-changing, especially for a 15-year-old out in Manhattan in the wee hours of the night (12am-3am). It was my first concert ever and one that would stay with me for years. I would go on to attend two more of his concerts and I would go for more.

Paul Mescal

Another celebrity I love is Paul Mescal. He is an Irish actor known for his roles in “Normal People,” “Aftersun,” and “All of Us Strangers.” It’s funny that in every one of his films or shows, he plays a tortured sad boy. I first fell in love with his performance as Connell Waldron, an introspective, depressed high schooler then college student. However, what solidified his status in my eyes is his role as a father in “Aftersun.” To this day, “Aftersun” is my favorite movie. I currently follow a stan Twitter account for Paul Mescal. When he dated Phoebe Bridgers, they were my favorite celebrity couple. When they broke up, I mourned for days.

There are probably more that I love, but these two are the ones off the top of my head.

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