Matcha Cafe Maiko

This Thursday, I went to Matcha Café Maiko with my friend Katie! We have one in Orlando, but it’s in Downtown and I don’t usually go there because it’s 30 minutes away from me, but I decided to go try it. We went to the location near Fenway. I got a Matcha Kuromitsu Kinako Float, which was a Matcha latte, but then it came with soft serve, so I got Ube and Hojicha mixed ice cream. I didn’t know what Hojicha was, but it is apparently Roasted Matcha! I also added boba topping just because I wanted some boba with it.

It came out to be $8.88, which is kinda pricey for a small Matcha float, but it was still good. The float was good, but I think it could’ve used more toppings, maybe I say this because we have something called Matcha House in Orlando, and they pretty much offer the same things. They have Ube and Matcha ice cream mixed, and then they add strawberry, marshmallow, Oreo, and pocky topping but sometimes I add boba. It is cheaper too, around $5-$7 and you get more.

I would definitely go back to try more of their stuff though, and probably check out the one in Orlando since I’m pretty sure they offer more, like the Shaved Iced options, but I don’t remember seeing that on their menu here. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. They also have Boba 9 at the location here, which also looked pretty good and they had a wide variety! Next time I’ll try new things.

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