Languages I was forced to learn

Over the years, I got a glimpses of a few different languages. I’ll rate my holistic experience with each one (excluding English of course).

Italian (4 years in elementary school):

  • 5/10
    • We were kids so to be honest I didn’t remember much. I do remember watching a video about a big green monster and now I still remember how to say “small” and “big” in Italian (not that I’d ever need to use it)

Spanish (2 years in middle school):

  • 3/10
    • I’m just so bad for some reason. I can’t roll my r either. I feel like this should’ve been the easiest to pick up but nah.

Chinese (10 years in Sunday school)

  • 7.5/10
    • It was so much work. I was well-versed to the point where I was writing long essays all in Chinese and entering competitions. I stopped going to Chinese classes at the start of high school. I forgot it all now…oops.

Latin (2 years in high school):

  • 6.8/10
    • I got so much anxiety in that class because our teacher pulls out a popsicle stick to answer questions. You never know when you’ll get picked. I learned so much though because she really pushed us. The National Latin Exam was 10x easier than her tests. Also, I actually picked up a lot of grammar rules. Other than wasn’t that useful.

Japanese (3 years in high school)

  • 8/10
    • I learned a decent amount (had similarities to Chinese). I just thought it was cool to know for whenever I visit Japan you know. I liked that my teacher always tried to make it engaging. We do encourage her tangents when we don’t wanna do work 😳
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