Interesting Variety Shows on TV

Recently, instead of watching sports, anime, or movies, I’ve begun delving into variety shows. These are shows intended to make you laugh or introduce a guest who pitches their new product whether it’s a song, a show, or a presidential run. These shows have begun dominating my youtube feed, and here are three of my favorites who I find particularly funny.


This is an American talk show, which began in 2010, over a decade ago and has been hilarious to watch ever since. He begins the show with a topical monologue, generally on news, or politics, etc with a funny punchline at the end. Then he has a comedic bit, finally ending the episode with a conversation with a guest. Out of the structure, the monologue can be a hit or miss depending on the news topic itself, and the guest may not be entertaining, so the parts I mainly watch are the comedic bits. He has traveled to various countries and always managed to make me laugh when doing so. I personally recommend the ones where he travels to Italy.

Knowing Brother

This is a Korean variety show that I’ve found very interesting. Rather than one host, they have seven different people who are all in a classroom. Then they invite in a guest, and pretend that they are from a different school, and have to introduce themselves, play games, etc. They’ve had a variety of different guests from singers, to actors, but I personally like the episodes where they interact with each other and it is only the seven members either taking a field trip or visiting a place.

Last Week Tonight

This show is really famous and it is probably known already by everyone who is reading this. But it’s basically a british comedian by the name of John Oliver who takes on a very very serious issue, from immigration, to police reform, to abortion, etc. He somehow is able to inform his audience, keep them entertained for the duration of the show, and try to enact some very useful change in the world.

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