I’m gonna live in Asia

I always remembered Asian countries being cheaper places to live. When I went to Korea this summer, the price of everything shocked me. When my dorm for 6 weeks was only $900 and came with everything I needed and a kitchen, I was shocked. At Northeastern, it would’ve been at least $2k for 6 weeks and I have to buy everything else. Don’t even get more started on the food. There are a few expensive places BUT expensive as in states prices. Today, I will show you what I ate and what I remembered the price to be in USD. The cost represents everything in the picture!

Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.38.41 AM<– ($20)

Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.39.42 AM  <– $17/person (AYCE BBQ)


Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.41.03 AM Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.43.14 AM   <– $9.   $32 (michelin guide restaurant) –>

The list is endless…

Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.44.40 AM   <– $8/person (AYCE tteokbokki hotpot) Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.46.03 AM   <– $12

Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.49.32 AM <– $15 (school cafe)              Screenshot 2023 11 16 At 9.50.33 AM  <– $11 (also school cafe)

So let me know when you when you’re moving to Asia too!

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