Comedians to Check Out

Continuing with the theme of random video suggestions to watch during the last weeks of quarantine, if you need a laugh during these times, I suggest watching these amazing comedians. I generally don’t find too many comedians funny, but these guys are absolutely hilarious and any time they have a special on netflix, or release a clip on youtube, I immediately tune in.

1. Dave Chapelle

This was an obvious choice, he’s one of the best comedians around and has been for many many years. Not sure if yall heard the news, but he recently posted that he was never paid for his work that he did on the Chappelle show and that Comedy Central never gave him his just pay. Only recently did they finally honor this two decade long promise and pay him everything that he earned for the show. He’s able to tackle almost any subject, and make it hilarious with his own twist. If you want a comedian who will ensure that you will not only laugh but think about the deeper meaning behind the subject he broaches, then definitely check out his work.

2. Andrew Schultz

He’s one of the newer comedians on the block, and what really makes him stand out is his crowdwork. Many comedians don’t reach out to the crowd because it’s unpredictable. Someone in the crowd might heckle, they might boo, insult, etc if you try to have a conversation with them. Andrew on the other hand, makes that his specialty, and his ability to come off the top of his head with jokes about any topic, and transition from his material, to interacting with the crowd, and then back into his material is amazing. That’s why, even though he does have a lot of material well crafted and prepared, many of his fans go to see him interact with them and make fun of the front row, or joke with the people right there.

3. Bill Burr

I’ve seen his work many times and he’s always made me laugh on almost every occasion. He tackles every topic, from the usual airplanes, to the more divisive political factions, racism, sexism, etc. He is hilarious to watch not only on his netflix specials and the work that he does on stage, but his interviews and guest appearances on late night shows, variety shows, and podcasts are also very entertaining. He is one of the realest and truest comedians and people I’ve seen in showbusiness.

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