Christmas activities

Here’s some ideas for Christmas and my opinions on it:

  • secret santa
    • I do this every year. Everyone cannot keep their mouth shut and you do end up figuring it out (or a good overall gist). I still think it’s cute though & would recc.
  • white elephant
    • I’m think my roommates want to do it this year. I think it can be cute but I feel like feelings can get hurt in this gift exchange game.
  • wishing tree
    • I thought it’d be cute for my friends and I to all attach wishes onto a small plant (tree). Everyone can add as many as they like (don’t be greedy tho) and whoever “grants the wish” just takes it off the tree.
  • gingerbread house decorating
    • This is super cute and fun. I do it whenever I get the chance. It’s a good bonding experience
  • ornament creation
    • Making your decorations while listening to Christmas songs really gets you in the mood.
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