Siraj Akmal

Siraj Akmal

He, him, his

Hello hello! My name is Siraj Akmal and I am a third year DS + Finance major from Livingston, New Jersey. After being PAAC rep for VSA and a brother of Pi Delta Psi, I started going to a ton of PAAC events where i learned about different cultures through GMs and special events. I was even able to host a few events this past year like Dance4me, PAACx, A Night in Asia, and one of the AAHM events from this year. Outside of PAAC I’m involved in Global Research and Consulting, No Jokes Improv, and WRBB Radio. When I’m not busy with meetings you can usually find me in Curry or the AAC Annex not doing my work, so come say hi! I’m excited to be on Team 442 and can’t wait to get started!

Year: 3rd Year
Major: Data Science and Business Administration
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Hobbies: Making Spotify playlists, attend PAAC events, trying new restaurants, stanning Twice, and getting into debates with my friends about things that don't matter
Favorite Thing to Do in Boston: Ride blue bikes across the city
What made you decide to be a Team 442 Member, and what are you the most excited for?

I decided to run for AAHM Co-Chair because I had a blast organizing an AAHM event as a PAAC rep. It was a memorable experience and attending other events throughout the month was super fun too! Seeing Ruby Ibarra and RINI perform at Northeastern was a highlight for sure. After it was all said and done, I knew I wanted to be part of that process again. I’m excited to work with next year’s PAAC reps to plan some awesome events. It’s a lot of work, but seeing people enjoy themselves and have a good time is the best reward.

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