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Eileen Lee

She, her, hers

Hi, I’m Eileen! I’m a third year studying computer science and experience design from Central Jersey. As a second generation Korean-American, I’ve been heavily involved with the KASA community at Northeastern, it being home to many of my close relationships and a comfortable place for me to become more in touch with my cultural identity. I love building authentic relationships with people and I’m super excited to help strengthen our community through being AAHM co-chair. In my free time, I’ll usually be cafe hopping, reading outside with my friends, dancing, or feeding my never-ending candle obsession at miscellaneous markets throughout the year. Fun fact, I can play 7 instruments and I have a 38% win rate of guessing people’s Zodiac’s signs correctly!

Year: 4th Year
Major: Computer Science and Experience Design
Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
Comfort Food: Takoyaki
Hobbies: Baking, making overly niche spotify playlists, and taking long walks down the H-mart snack aisle
Favorite Thing to Do in Boston: Late night biking and midnight picnics @ Seaport
What made you decide to be a Team 442 Member, and what are you the most excited for?

The PAAC and AAC community has been a huge part of my college experience since my first semester here. Through being an AAC intern and KASA’s freshman representative, programs coordinator, and eventually president, I met so many genuine friends, mentors, and mentees and have grown alongside this amazing community we’ve built. AAHM spoke out to me as the perfect opportunity to amplify the voices of our community, highlighting Asian-American representation on Northeastern’s campus and creating a platform for sharing, educating, and celebrating each one of our identities. I’m excited to help strengthen our community through fostering collaboration between all of our amazing Asian-American organizations and provoking intentional conversations to create a comfortable outlet for Asian-American students and help create a sense of belonging. And of course, super excited for the speaker event and bringing in prominent Asian-American figures to campus!

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