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I hope everyone had a great Spring break, whether it was relaxing or eventful 🙂 I had an eventful Spring break! I flew back home to Orlando on Thursday, so I ended up missing class on Friday. But on Friday, I went to Epcot with my best friends from home. Luckily my mom works at Disney, so she can get 3 people including herself into Disney, so she took my 2 friends and I in. Then we were able to park hop to Magic Kingdom, so we took the monorail and the bus, where we got to watch the fireworks. Then on Saturday, I went to Disney again but with my family. My mom took in my sister, grandpa, and I, and then my dad had his own exclusive pass from his work. That is definitely one of the perks of living in Orlando! Lots of jobs provides perks, like getting theme park tickets for free. So we all went to Hollywood Studio, but we got pretty bored and it was busy, so we took the new Skyliner, which is an aerial gondola, to Epcot, where we just ate and walked around. We tried to go on the new Ratatouille ride but there were technical difficulties which was frustrating, and it was surprisingly cold in Orlando?? It was 40 degrees and windy (and I only brought one hoodie and two pairs of pants home since I thought it would be hot!), so we just went home.


Sunday, we ended up going to Dim Sum, went to Lotte market, and then I took my dog on a walk. Monday I hung out with one of my old coworkers, and we went to visit my old job which definitely made me really happy seeing everybody again. On Tuesday I went to a place called Madeira Beach but it was still kind of cold so I didn’t swim. Wednesday, I had an eye doctor appointment. Thursday and Friday I went to the club with my friends! Clubbing in Orlando is very different from clubbing in Boston, at least in my opinion. There’s way more Latin Nights, and then a lot of the times you can just get in for free, and more clubs are 18+, since I know clubs here are 21+ and you have to pay for a lot of them. Saturday, I went to Melbourne beach with my family again, but again it was cold. Sunday, I flew home and now I’m back here! I definitely enjoyed my Spring Break, I did something almost everyday and it was way more eventful than my Thanksgiving and Winter Break combined. But I am glad I got to do a lot during Spring Break, even though it was not very relaxing since I was always out!

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