Relaxing Games during Finals Week

Hey, with the end of the semester looming by, and so many exams, essays, and projects coming up, I wanted to share some games I’ve been playing to help relieve my stress. These are a couple of games that I’ve been playing pretty frequently and they’re great for just relaxing and taking your mind off the upcoming deadlines.

League of Legends

Whilst it can be difficult to imagine League as a relaxing game, I’d say that it can be relaxing if you adjust some settings. First, I’d say mute every and go full deaf without listening to any teammates, or enemies. Second, rather than playing ranked or the original game mode, try out the other game modes that are a lot more relaxing. For instance, try Team Fight Tactics, Nexus Blitz which recently came out, or Aram. These are all great and shorter versions of the maybe too long Summoner’s Rift.


Another game which can be fun is Valorant. I haven’t been playing it too much, but it’s a great game. To give a basic description, it’s a first person shooter with teams of five vs five, before you begin, you have the option to choose one of around two dozen characters. I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing as the different characters, trying to figure out all of the abilities, line-ups, etc. It’s a very complex game with a lot of knowledge required, but like League, there are other game modes which are a lot simpler. For instance, deathmatch is just a fun first person shooter where you don’t have to rely upon a team, and just run around shooting people. Another gamemode is spikerush which is a shortened version of the game. It’s perfect for when you’re studying and need a short break, but can’t play for too long.

A game which I play almost every day, and I might have mentioned it before but again, a game that’s been played for centuries and somehow, it’s still a new game every time. With game modes ranging from hours to a couple of minutes, chess can be an incredibly quick game during a study break to just relax and take it easy. I often play in the midst of an essay to just use the time while I’m playing chess to reorganize my thoughts, have an outline, and make a to-do list.

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