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Last weekend, I experienced my first snowstorm! I had seen snow before, but never experienced a blizzard or a snowstorm. The only time I’ve seen snow was in Chicago, but it was maybe about 3 inches. I’m from Florida, so the weather there is the complete opposite of weather here. So, when I heard about the storm, I heard a lot of people talk about how they were just going to stay in and stock up on food. But I did the opposite. I took advantage of this new experience, and to go outside.

On Saturday, my friends and I made the trek to Steast to go eat, even though we had food in our dorm. We experienced the terrors of the EV Wind Tunnel, where it really felt like we were walking through a blizzard, as the winds picked up and made somewhat of a snow hurricane. We couldn’t see anything and had to walk backwards at one point. Then we trudged through snow, which in some places was up to my knees, and I saw people making an igloo. I even went into the igloo later on. Then we jumped in the snow, and it was so soft and fluffy, and I felt like I was at the beach, except it was cold and snowy. Then we accidentally walked over the koi pond but didn’t feel ANYTHING. It just felt like we were stepping on snow. But then we later realized that the fish are still in there and it is frozen over! Which I still wonder how they are alive and how that works.

We also went “sledding” as we found random hills of snow and just slid down it, but I made the wrong decision of wearing jeans, and struggled with climbing up these hills. We made snow angels, threw snowballs, and overall had fun. Now, I see the aftereffects of the snow – it’s not always nice and white and snowy and fluffy, and gets muddy and dirty after a while, and even today I don’t know what the weather is like. The snow began to melt, but then it rained and got cold, snowed a little bit, and I haven’t even stepped outside to experience the slippery ground outside. But that is my experience with the snowstorm and the other cold conditions that come with it!

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