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There’s quite a lot of great places to eat in Boston, but I personally love going into stores for just a quick bite or two rather than staying for an entire 3 course meal. Cafes, snack bars, tea shops, or coffee joints, personally just seem to speak to me and I feel way more comfortable in them. With that said, these three dessert shops were my personal favorites of the ones I’ve visited in Boston so far.

Mike’s Pastry

So this is a legendary place for it’s cannolis and it does not disappoint. I’ve gone to Mike’s three times and each time tried something different, and been blown away everytime. I’ve personally heard that the best pastries are the Chocolate Mousse, Florentine, and Espresso. But aside from their cannolis, they have plenty of other great options that also taste great. They got great cupcakes, croissants, and many more things I can’t wait to try next time I visit.

Cold Stone Creamery

I love this place and their absolutely amazing ice cream. With a location near Prudential, their great ice cream is so close to campus. With a variety of toppings, flavors, packaging for your ice cream, it’s completely up to you how you want your ice cream to taste. If you’re going there for your very first time, I suggest taking a look at their specials and combinations.

Insomnia Cookies

This place is great for a super late night snack, staying up until either 1am or 3am in the morning. I usually get a chocolate chunk cookie along with a peanut butter chip cookie after a late night of studying for finals or midterms. They also offer great cakes, ice cream sandwiches on top of all the cookies.

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