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Patrick Lioanag

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Hi! I’m Patrick and I am a 2nd year from Whippany, NJ studying Cybersecurity and Business. Being PAAC rep and freshmen rep has introduced me to so many different cultures and people through all these events that have made me feel at home at Northeastern. I love frolicking around Boston but especially the commons and Charles River Esplanade. My go to bubble tea order is taro milk tea with mango jellies with 50% sugar and less ice. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing guitar, basketball, and host a radio show with WRBB at Northeastern!

Year: 2nd Year
Major: Cybersecurity and Business Administration
Hometown: Cedar Knolls, NJ

Guitar, basketball, cooking, rock climbing, weightlifting, WRBB radio

Favorite Thing to Do in Boston:

Frolick in the Boston Commons and Charles River Esplanade

What made you decide to be a Team 442 Member, and what are you the most excited for?

I decided to run for AAHM Co-chair because I wanted to be a part of the team that made Asian American Heritage Month happen. It was a lot of fun both planning and attending the different events run during AAHM and especially enjoyed the performances of RINI and Dhruv. I want to make the same memorable experiences that drew me to AAHM and celebrate what it means to be Asian American. I’m eager to make a positive impact on the community working with the AAC staff and PAAC reps to put on another amazing month of AAHM! Seeing people enjoying themselves at events I organized was one of the most rewarding feels as a PAAC rep, and I want to replicate that on a larger scale!

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