Aya Aragon
Graduation Year: 2021

Aya Aragon

She, her, hers
Major/Minor & College: Bioengineering, CoE
Where you are now? Clinical research coordinator, UChicago Medical
Past involvement with the AAC or on campus: BKD, ASU
How did your involvement impact your experience at Northeastern?: PAAC was honestly 98% of my friend group and my permanent community even now. Genuinely it changed the entire course of my college career
Your favorite memory at the AAC or NEU? Freshman year, my friends baked and frosted cakes in the old AAC kitchen for a few upperclassmen for their birthdays :)) i have photos of it somewhere
What's the best advice you would give to current students? Take advantage of every opportunity to make new friends because when you graduate, your friendships will be what you remember of college.
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