Amanda Escaba
Graduation Year: 2020

Amanda Escaba

She, her, hers
Major/Minor & College: Computer Science and Design, Khoury
Where you are now? Moved back home to NY
Past involvement with the AAC or on campus: AAHM Co-Chair; Barkada Historian, Vice President, Co-President; AAC Intern/Senior Intern; NUGOAL
How did your involvement impact your experience at Northeastern?: I met most of my friends through Barkada, PAAC, and the AAC! I gained tons of leadership and organizing experience throughout being involved with e-board, Team 442, and interning at the AAC, and was constantly inspired by the passionate and hardworking individuals I was surrounded by. I grew up in a very white community, so I was happy to find a second home in the AAC while at Northeastern.
Your favorite memory at the AAC or NEU? Bahay Kubo (Barkada's culture show) days were always full of excitement, but I also loved just hanging out in the AAC lobby and chatting with whoever else stopped by!
What's the best advice you would give to current students? Don't be afraid to take breaks—you can't do your best when you're not at your best, so learn how to recognize your own signs of burnout and rest accordingly!
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