My Favorite Songs From Singers

1. DNA by BTS

So this was the first song that I actually listened to from BTS and it was what drew me into their music. The tempo, beat, chorus, etc were all pretty nice, but they weren’t really that much more special than anything else, but the hook was absolutely amazing. Especially the initial whistle in the beginning of the music video where they remove all background noise and just let that hold by itself. It made me really drawn to the music and was honestly the best intro I’ve ever seen.

2. Monster by Shawn Mendes

This is a great song, I originally started paying attention to it because of the unusual melody and the interesting beat and bridge. But then when I started paying attention to the lyrics, I started falling in love with this. At face value, the lyrics are about how celebrities are placed upon a pedestal and given expectations that are almost impossible to maintain forever. Then as a result, the fear of failing these expectations and making mistakes or tripping up becomes too much to bear; And when you inevitably fail, the label of monster gets attached to you by the media or fans, etc. But under the surface, I think that the actual meaning of this song for the general public is how to tackle imposter syndrome, how to let go of the fears that are holding you back, and to not care about the labels that are being placed upon you.

3. Line by Line by JP Saxe

Interestingly enough, this is a song about writing songs and singing them. It’s a song talking about how he writes songs about all his emotions and tries his best to put all his feelings into a 3 minute song. A song about all the different emotions that he feels during a break up, or about his parents, etc. It’s a really great insight into how artists think.

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