I am a 6/10

I am a 6/10. No, I am not talking about appearance-wise. Regarding my current state of feeling, 6/10 is what I would describe my mental space in terms of emotional stability, happiness, and overall satisfaction.

I’m feeling quite good this week because of numerous positive things. First off, today I had a great interview that I am hopeful in hearing back from. Yesterday, I finished an exam that I probably bombed, but it’s fine because it’s over and I can’t change the outcome anyways, and I’ve been studying with friends more often recently and getting yummy takeout from restaurants.

I started going to church consistently again after having a setback during the week of Halloween. That weekend I neglected my sleep schedule, stayed out in the cold and ended up getting sick, and a lot of overthinking happened as a result of going out. The week after that one, I also skipped church, which I felt terrible about. Missing church is like missing therapy for someone who is very mentally ill. I get a lot of spiritual maintenance from sermons and missing church for two weeks straight made me feel like a mental patient that needs to go back to the mental facility. Anyways!!! I am fine now, and I think I just have to manage my time better haha. Everyday I am learning and, hopefully, the rest of the semester can be smooth sailing without too much stress and sleep-deprivation.

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